Donor Insemination For Lesbian Couples: The Process And The Costs

Taking a closer look at the many options available for lesbian and bi women


First things first, there are actually many options available for lesbian and bi women who want to get pregnant and have children…


IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) at a clinic is the simplest method to achieve pregnancy and is also the most affordable when compared to IVF.


For a same-sex, female couple there are also two options when choosing a donor; a known sperm donor (a donor you know personally) or a sperm donor from a sperm bank.


Most same-sex, female couples choose to use a sperm donor from a sperm bank. What follows is a guide for IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) with donor sperm for lesbian couples.



The clinical insemination process of IUI for lesbian and bi couples works the same as for heterosexual couples or single women, but in the case of same-sex couples, they have the chance to choose who is going to get pregnant and carry the child.


There are different ways to help make that decision. Maybe there is one who is more interested in getting pregnant? Or the decision can be made based on age and medical history. In many cases the doctor will ask both to undergo a fertility evaluation to see who fits best all the requirements for the treatment to be successful.


The next step involves taking fertility medication (hormone therapy) to encourage the development of several follicles and increase the chance of pregnancy. This requires regular monitoring through ultrasound to avoid the risk of multiple pregnancy.


The IUI is then scheduled just before the ovulation date. A catheter will be used to insert the sperm directly into the uterus. The treatment maximises the number of sperm cells and increases the chances of pregnancy. The procedure only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless. You may have cramping during the procedure and a light bleeding afterwards.


The last step is to look for signs and symptoms of pregnancy!



The cost varies from clinic to clinic and it also depends on where in the country you live. The cost of IUI with donor sperm is always more expensive than artificial insemination where there is a male partner involved because you need to buy the donor sperm as well. The total price normally includes:


  • Monitoring of ovarian stimulation
  • Sperm laboratory processing (i.e. sperm capacitation)
  • Insemination procedure
  • Donor sperm (compensation paid to the sperm donor and donor screening)


Fertility medications are often not included in the cost. You can choose your sperm donor online at a sperm bank, and the sperm can then be shipped to your clinic.


Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank and supply more than 100 countries worldwide. So, if you want to have a lot of sperm donors to choose from, Cryos is a good option.


Cryos also offers free access to all of their donors online, so you can search for a donor and read all about him free of charge. Under each sperm donor you will find a price for a straw with sperm. Cryos recommends ordering one straw of MOT10 for IUI at a clinic.



If you have any questions regarding donor sperm from Cryos International, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service: [email protected] or visit our webpage for further information.


If you are looking for recommendations or want to talk with people who are also considering fertility treatment with donor sperm, visit Cryos’ Facebook group, Family Dreams.