Film Review: A Perfect Ending

A Perfect Ending

Is there such a thing as a perfect ending?

“And they lived happily ever after.” That’s what we all want, right? A perfect ending? But what happens if we really try to create one?

A Perfect Ending follows the story of Rebecca Westridge, played by Barbara Niven. She’s a middle-aged woman. Though she prides herself on her perfectionism, and even though her marriage isn’t a horrible one, there is one key missing in her life: she has never had an orgasm.

Rebecca’s friends are floored when she finally reveals her life-long secret. Up until that moment, not a soul knew of this. Out of love, her friends recommend that she should spend some quality time with a professional. They agree that an experience with a woman would be better for Rebecca, so they set up an appointment for her to meet a high priced call girl.

Rebecca wanted someone her own age, so she was shocked when a young and exotic woman named Paris, played by Jessica Clark, awaits her. Terrified, Rebecca pays her and runs away.

She tries again. This time with someone closer in age to her.

When Rebecca sees her, all she can think about is Paris. Again, she pays the woman and runs away.

Third time’s a charm? Sort of. Rebecca gets up the nerve to meet with Paris again. What ensues is a series of awkward, clumsy, and even comical interactions as Rebecca desperately tries to conquer her fears. Paris is paid every time, and she is happy to be patient and guide Rebecca.

This is not your cliché housewife-falls-in-love-with-a-lesbian-and-leaves-her-husband-with-her-newly-found-identity story. What this is is an exploration of self. Rebecca learns more about who she is as a human being, not just about orgasms or sexuality. She becomes completely enamored with Paris, and they embark on a wonderful physical and emotional affair.

While all of this is taking place, we are given back story, and further glimpses into Rebecca and Paris’ minds and lives through vignettes and other scenes. We have many pieces to a great puzzle; what’s interesting is that the pieces are sometimes moved around, changing our perspective and the story line. It is a wonderful way to execute such a brilliant story and to keep you guessing throughout the movie.

A Perfect Ending ends in a way that you certainly don’t expect. With an amazing cast that includes Jessica Clark,  John Heard, Morgan Fairchild, Rebecca Staab, Kerry Knuppe,  Mary Jane Wells, Michael Adam Hamilton, and Imelda Corcoran, to name a few.

A Perfect Ending is a very realistic look at life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and all that comes with it. With a poignant and powerful story line, this is a must-see movie.

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