America Reframed: Romeo Romeo


This Documentary follows a lesbian couple on their quest to conceive a child.

All Lexy has ever wanted is to have a baby.

After marrying the woman of her dreams, Lexy and wife Jessica set out to start a family.

The loving couple discusses the possible pregnancy, the pros and cons of artificial insemination and whether the sperm donor should be known or anonymous. Full of hope and feisty determination, the two women spend their life savings to buy sperm online and then head to the hospital to have Lexy inseminated.

Getting pregnant, however, turns out to be more difficult than they anticipated.

Directed by Lizzie Gottlieb, Romeo Romeo is an intimate portrait of a modern marriage, and a rigorous documentation of the trials privately faced by over six and a half million American women, gay and straight that struggle with infertility.

Romeo Romeo (trailer) from GOOD DOCS on Vimeo.