Big Bold Reds For Valentine’s Day

Win her heart with these gorgeous red wines. 

 Go Big Or Go Home

Know the feeling of just starting to feel relaxed over a delicious home-cooked meal with the one you love, and suddenly you’ve already reached the bottom of the bottle? It feels very decadent to open a second bottle, especially if it’s different to the one you’ve been enjoying.

Luckily, Napa Valley vintner and tastemaker Alexis Swanson Traina has come up with a tasty and pocket-friendly solution. GO BIG is a 1.5 liter magnum of easy-drinking red wine that will take you from a sip or two while you cook, right through to the end of the meal and maybe even watching a movie!

Or you can cork it up and drink the rest another day. What we loved about GO BIG from Modern House Wines is that it goes with just about any kind of food – from chicken dishes to a nice steak. It’s a smooth and medium-bodied red displaying bright ruby color in the glass and red berries on the nose, and girl, does it go down easy. It’s not fancy and it doesn’t pretend to be; it’s cheap and cheerful—but it’s also not going to give you a hangover like Two Buck Chuck.

With ten glasses per bottle and at just $19.99 that’s good news for lesbians who enjoy the finer things in life but at the right price. From the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day to the Holidays, keep a bottle of GO BIG in your kitchen. Available at Target stores nationwide.


So maybe you don’t know a lot about great red wines and you do want to impress your date but you don’t know where to start. A classy bottle to present to your date can be found in this Cabernet Sauvignon from JUSTIN wines, from Paso Robles California.

This elegant red displays depth and complexity and must be savored to the very last drop. With aromas of black fruit and spice, and accents of licorice, tobacco, cedar and vanilla, this smooth and seductive wine, made in the same style as good Bordeaux, is the perfect accompaniment to a filet mignon.

The wine is so good because JUSTIN Winery isn’t just your average winemaker. What makes these wines special has to do with the winery itself, the vines of which were planted in 1981. Rich in fossilized limestone from eons of marine deposits, JUSTIN’s soil is ideally suited to creating big, complex Bordeaux-style reds.

Paso Robles’ distinctive microclimate offers the widest day-night temperature swings of any grape-growing region in California, and this creates conditions that bring out the best in grapes. The hot days allow the grapes to develop intense flavor, while the cool nights create great structure and balance. If you can’t be there, open a bottle at home and feel transported.