Everyday Heroes

Out Of My Closet, the organization supporting displaced and under-resourced LGBT youths, hosts its first anniversary celebration.

To celebrate its first anniversary, Out My Closet is holding a benefit titled “Everyday Heroes” on October 5th at the Downtown Community Television centre in New York for its anniversary. The event will be hosted by Def Poetry Jam spoken word artist ButtaFlySoul, in honor Dawn Shedrick, who has supported the LGBT community and people living with HIV/AIDS, hunger and homelessness during her 15-year career in social work.

LGBT youths make up only 10% of the general youth population. An incredible 20% youths who are homeless are LGBT. From these figures it is clear that the displacement of LGBT youths is an evident problem.

Out My Closet is an organisation dedicated to providing LGBT youth who are displaced and under-resourced with articles of clothing, service referrals, counselling and enrichment workshops, showing them some much needed compassion and empathy. In addition Out My Closet has created multimedia campaigns inspiring hope, inclusiveness and support for the unique systems of oppression that the LGBTQ community faces.

The campaigns have included HIV awareness in the youth population, Transgender Experiences, Coming Out Empowerment, Homophobia, and most recently, Heeling Words: Big Heels, Big Hair, Big Heart featuring celebrity drag entertainers, including RuPaul’s Drag Race season six winner, Bianca Del Rio, and placing contestant Darrien Lake.

“I am humbled and amazed at the level of impact and growth which Out My Closet has undergone in the last year,” says Michael A. Narain, Founder and President, Out My Closet. “It moves me to see these young faces lit with gratitude and I am honored at the level of support that we have received from LGBTQ members and allies.”

The “Everyday Heroes” benefit will commence at 6:00 p.m. ET with a cocktail reception, followed by an honorarium memoire of musical guest performances and multimedia presentations of Out My Closet’s growth and impact in the last year.