Two Palestinian-American Producers Produce, Direct, And Star In An Original Series

better together

Two Palestinian-American Producers And Best Friends On Opposite Coasts Produce, Direct, And Star In An Original Series.

First-generation Americans Nadya Grace and Farah Abdou didn’t see many women that looked like them on television, so they developed a web series to increase representation for Arab women in scripted content.

Better Together, follows best friends Nadya & Farah as one of them moves across the country from NY to LA.

Better Together is a four part comedy series that they produced and self-funded. Loosely based on their lives, Farah and Nadya go from sharing a Brooklyn apartment to living on opposite sides of the country, struggling separately for the first time with everyday problems.

Inspired by their real life friendship on different coasts, they produced the show as two different segments, the crews in LA and NYC working completely separately, with Farah and Nadya on the same set for only the first and final episodes.

Originally conceived as a pilot, the four part series ended up being an intense education for these two young producers, empowering them to become established producers in advertising and entertainment.