Freelancers Anonymous

Comedy: Freelancers Anonymous

Freelancers Anonymous is giving visibility to women and the LGBTQ community working in STEM industries…

November 2020

Film Review: Mixed Messages

The film Mixed Messages, follows London dyke Ren as she navigates the treacherous terrain of the Berlin queer scene…

October 2020
Ellen as Nicki Minaj

Ellen DegGeneres As Nicki Minaj

Just when we thought Ellen couldn’t get any funnier she did this “pee your pants funny” mock of Nicki Minaj where she channeled the cleavage exposing, boobie proud rapper last year on her Halloween show special…

October 2020
Leading Ladies by Erika Randall Beahm and Jennifer Bechtel

Film Review: Leading Ladies

There are two things that I love—music and dancing.  The film Leading Ladies has both in abundance…

October 2020
BJ Fletcher: Private Eye

Web Series: BJ Fletcher: Private Eye

This dynamic female duo bring us a comedy and drama series with a hot ever-evolving relationship where the chemistry is undeniable…

October 2020