Sexuality And CBD

Casey Tanner, LCPC Certified Sex Therapist IG: @queersextherapy

The benefits of incorporating CBD into your sex life might just be one of the world’s best kept secrets – until now.

A LGBTQ+ focused company is literally coming out with a range of CBD products that uplevel your pleasure while decreasing your anxiety – in the bedroom and beyond. As a queer sex therapist, the number one concern that queer, women-identified clients bring into sessions is low desire; that is, they want to want sex more than they currently do. Part of my job is to identify the origin of this concern, and nine times out of 10, it’s related to some form of anxiety.

Anxiety about our bodies, anxiety about pain, anxiety about performance – you name it, we’re anxious about it.

This is no accident – women are socialized to worry. Furthermore, worry has its evolutionary function; being somewhat vigilant about the type of sex we’re having and with whom has always been a core part of survival. Anxiety isn’t bad, but it can be limiting – both in terms of sexual feelings and behavior.

When we’re anxious, we’re less likely to initiate sex. We’re also less likely to be receptive to initiation. When we’re focused on our body image or whether or not we’re lubricated enough, we shift erotic focus away from pleasure, reducing the liklihood of climax and connection. Anxiety also very literally constricts blood flow to our genitals, a process that is essential in creating optimal conditions for arousal, lubrication, sensitivity and orgasm.

All too often, I see anxiety become a self-fulfilling prophecy: a client is worried about whether or not they’ll perform, the anxiety restricts blood flow, and they are thus unable to perform.

On top of identifying a problem’s origin, my job is to recommend solutions. Unfortunately for our sex lives, one of the psychiatric field’s go-to solutions is prescribed medication. While psychiatric medication can be essential to the well-being of folks struggling with mental illness, the most common medications for anxiety have a high likelihood of sexual side effects.

That is, folks taking these medications may experience increased dryness, decreased arousal, and less desire for sex. Thankfully, this isn’t where our story ends. CBD, a natural botanical compound found in the hemp plant, both increases blood flow and sensitivity while decreasing anxiety. Out & About Wellness, a do-well do-good CBD company supporting the queer community, has now made it easy and affordable to access the sexual benefits of CBD.

Like so many others, I’ve fallen in love with their CBD lube. In fact, my daily routine now includes an entire ritual of their CBD, including a tincture for full-body relaxation, energy drinks for my mid-day slump, and CBD massage oil before bed.

While no supplement is a replacement for connection, consent and overall mental health, I have seen CBD supplement these elements of healthy sexuality time and time again. It’s a low-risk, high-reward addition to your sex life, and it may just be the sexual partner of your dreams.

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