True Romance

What does a healthy, committed, longterm lesbian relationship look like, beyond the hearts and flowers? Ask an older lesbian… Read more »

March 2021

Pollute Thy Self

The man in front of me at the grocery store the other night checked out with a baguette, two sticks of string cheese, an apple and a super sized tube of KY Jelly… Read more »

November 2020
how to fight fair

How To Fight Fair

Put in your mouth guards, it’s time to learn the rules for fighting fair with your favorite sparring partner… Read more »

November 2020
Tops vs Bottoms

Tops Vs Bottoms: What To Do if You Are Each The Same

It turns out that the term versatile is often paired with the term top or bottom to define someone who is open to being flexible in their role, which often occurs when two parties normally hold similar roles and need to bend a little (pun intended)… Read more »

October 2020
Tips for Taming the Jealousy Monster

Tips For Taming The Jealousy Monster

My notoriously high threshold for the tauntings of the Jelly Green Giant we call jealousy has always been a source of nonchalant pride, allowing me to casually coast through hot women hitting on my girlfriends, several open relationships, and social media saturated breakups… Read more »

October 2020