Cheers To Equality


We highly recommend Equality Wines, an LGBT, progressive, top quality wine label for toasting the holidays and our equality.

Equality Wines is the world’s first pairing of excellent wines and equal rights, co-created by founder Matt Grove to reflect his belief in equality for all. Inspired in part by Jim Obergefell and the late John Arthur, whose landmark Supreme Court case ruled in favor of marriage equality across the country.

They are honored with the release of the outstanding Love Wins Cuvee. This delicate and delicious bottle of pink bubbles is a 2008 estate bottled California sparkling wine that makes the perfect toast for Christmas or seeing in the New Year and pairs beautifully with a cheese plate or appetizers. To serve with your festive fare, uncork a bottle of the superb ‘The Decision’ Pinot Noir, which is bursting with ripe red and black fruits and bright spicy warmth. Aged 16 months in French Oak, The Decision complements roast turkey, lamb, duck, and the trimmings right through to a baked cherry pie.

“We chose producers and grapes from the Russian River Valley not only for the amazing grapes that are grown in the area, but also because Western Sonoma County is known for its inclusiveness and acceptance of all people,” said Elissa Nauful, co-founder of Equality Wines. Both wines come from famed vintners in the Russian River Valley, Ca., and include Iron Horse Vineyards (Cuvee) and Giusti Ranch (Pinot Noir).

“I am honored and also humbled to be a part of this historic release of wines and the historic decision that redefined marriage for all people,” said Jim Obergefell.

“Beyond the contribution that John Arthur and I made, there are numerous other plaintiffs as well as attorneys and advocates that we all should raise a glass to in honor of their commitment on the anniversary of this landmark decision.” 25 percent of all proceeds are directed to non-profit partners in the fight for LGBT equality.

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