Girl Meets Girl Book 1: Never-Tied Nora

Cheyenne Blue’s novella is better than Romeo and Juliet.

Two big Irish families, a love between two gorgeous women, unfulfilled longing, and most importantly, determination are the main ingredients in this touching adventure by Cheyenne Blue.

Never-Tied Nora is Cheyenne's first novella-length story. I have loved her short erotica in anthologies and was so surprised to find a longer work. This opportunity was just too good to miss.

One of the two main characters in this well-written love story is Nora. Her big Irish family has a nickname for her—“Never-Tied Nora”—because Nora’s life in London is carefree. There is always a new woman for Nora to seduce. Love is something for romantics like her sister Mary. Mary has a deep conviction that “when love hits you, it’ll come with a wallop when you least expect it and you’ll know that this is it. This is the one for you.”

Nora remembers well these words when she first meets Geraldine. Ger is the woman of her dreams, and suddenly commitment isn’t a dirty word anymore. The only trouble is: Ger is a Flannery and Nora is a Kelly.

The Kellys and the Flannerys have been feuding ever since both families arrived in London from Ireland decades ago, and time hasn’thealed the hate. Both women know they can date any woman they want as long as the other woman isn’t from the enemy family.

Just as Nora thinks life is good, that life is happiness, everything changes. So the question is: can Nora convince Ger that they are meant to be together even when their families won’t tolerate their choice?

Never-Tied Nora is a wonderful read. There is no dark, heart-crushing sadness. I sympathized with Nora and Ger, with their stubborn families, with the fierceness in protecting and upholding traditions and values. But the family drama never eclipses the romance and the love scenes.

The novella has a straightforward plot line, as I am used to in Cheyenne’s short eroticas. Never-Tied Nora is a happy book to gush over. It didn’t put me through an intense emotional turmoil. It was a perfect fit for a pleasant evening.