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I just received the print version of the 20th Anniversary January/February issue of Curve in the mail.

My mother received it a week ago (she must live next door to the printing plant). She likes to read my articles and know what’s going on in my world. She reported last week that the new issue is “very lesbian” and I knew what she meant. So I’m posting in the spirit of Sex 101 and Curve’s winter guide to better orgasms.

I’m multiorgasmic and a squirter, for lack of a better term. I hate “female ejaculation,” it sounds so clinical or like a fatal disease. Being multiorgasmic is great news for me, of course, but also for my girlfriend, who likes to boink me for hours. We took x-mas day off to be with each other and have lots of sex.

I want to work up to her fisting me (she’s not so keen on the other way around). I know the last time I brought up fisting I received a fairly bad reaction from readers. But so what, I’m into it and it’s my blog so I will write about it.

To make fisting ultimately possible, I need to get my inner vaginal muscles looser and also learn how to relax more. Not that I’m not relaxed during sex, I am, but there’s a level of Om I feel is necessary for my girlfriend’s fist to penetrate me than I have been able to achieve with say a dildo or fingers or what-have-you.

On x-mas day my girlfriend and I began our plan to have her fisting me in a short time. We used all of our dildos, starting with the smallest dinky little short pink thing and worked our way up to her strapping on the largest, a thick brown 9-incher and drilling me with it. I have to admit there was much lube involved, but it felt really good being filled and full while also being pumped hard with that huge dildo.

We will eventually get to the fisting, I will write about it and everyone will live. In the meanwhile, today is the anniversary of our first real date, the infamous Make Out Date. Oh, there’s much more to our herstory, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This is all by way of saying sex does not have to die in a monogamous relationships, between women or at all. I (and my girlfriend) are firm believers in keeping the sex (and fun in general) alive and well, nurtured and nourished in any type of ongoing relationship. So, here’s to Curve’s 20th and to mine and my girlfriend’s first anniversary ♥

PS: I’ve asked my mom not to read the Hooked-Up Blog and to just stick with the print edition of Curve!

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