A New Lesbian Bachelorette Show? With Hayley Kiyoko?


Well, not yet, but a girl can dream

It may seem too good to be true, but our favourite lesbian popstar has recently revealed her dream of being the first bachelorette on an all-female Bachelor-style show.

Hayley says that she herself is a big fan of the US reality show, and claims, “My dream is to be the Bachelorette and to have 26 women to choose from.” Same girl, same.


However, Hayley did highlight that the idea of having a lesbian Bachelor show may not be as well received in America.

She says, “Will it happen? No, because all of middle America watches The Bachelor.”

That being said, US cable network channel, Logo TV – home to RuPaul’s Drag Race, did have a gay bachelor show, Finding Prince Charming, which was hosted by former NSYNC hunk, Lance Bass.

Imagine if our very own Hayley Kiyoko were to be a Princess Charming? (Maybe if we’re lucky, we could even get Kate McKinnon to host.)

Think of it – a reality show about a proud and out lesbian going on dates with other lesbians, bi women and queer ladies – on a national television program! Fingers crossed that US networks will take note, and maybe one day we will have a queer lady bachelorette show!


And Hayley, couldn’t have said it any better: “Maybe one day, we will progress.”