Antigone Rising Appointed As Cultural Ambassadors

The United States Government has chosen the all lesbian, alt-country rock band to tour Vietnam this summer.

Antigone Rising will be traveling to Vietnam as Cultural Ambassadors for the United States Government performing Outreach Programs, Master Classes and Public Concerts in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang fromĀ 6-13 July.

This marks the second time thatĀ the all-female alt country rock band has been appointed cultural ambassadors by the United States Government to tour a foreign country. They previously traveled to Israel and the Middle East to deliver a series of concerts.

Facing a predominantly conservative industry, this band is part of the growing chorus of voices contributing to country music embracing LGBT individuals.

They continue to play a major part in LGBT advocacy.

Just a few years ago, Antigone Rising made news when Kristin Ellis-Henderson appeared on the cover of Time Magazine with her wife Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson (GLAAD President and CEO) for a feature on marriage equality. They will also be supporting LGBT acceptance at the inaugural Concert for Love and Acceptance.