9 Holiday Gifts For A Lesbian Pet Lover

9 Holiday Gifts For A Lesbian Pet Lover

Perfect gifts for your cat groomer, girlfriend, or that cute gay barista who always shows your pictures of his poodle.

I couldn’t resist doing a roundup of some of my favourite holiday gifts to help with any holiday shopping you  might be doing for the gay pet lovers on your shopping list.  Now more than ever it’s important to have conversations about social justice issues with people out in the world! Some of the items I included in my gift guide are cute, others are politicised, and many are both!

1. Pet socks

A little bit pricey for just one pair, but really cute. I love anything that can be personalised as a gift, and just Imagine how much your best friend would love pictures of her all over a pair of socks! Check out the range from PupSocks.


2. Puppy Pride Buttons

These are an adorable little gift that could be slipped into a stocking, or an envelope, or just handed out to a friend having a rough day this time of year. There are 7 adorable dogs, who are posed with cute pride bandannas with options from rainbows to trans flag, to asexual flag, to bi flag and more! Order here.


3. Afterglow (a dog memoir), Eileen Myles

I was thrilled with Eileen Myles released a dog memoir this year. Looking for a more literary focused gift for your dog loving lesbian friends? Then this book is perfect. Afterglow is a book of dogs and grief. It is a book of loss, and kinship and what happens if dogs wrote us poetry and letters. Order here.



I love all of Lili Chin’s dog art, but I really love this politicised button. I’ve written here before about how I believe that queer rights and animal rights are interwoven – this is a great button to help get that message across!  Lili sent me one of these buttons this month and it’s the perfect accessory for any outfit! Order here.


5. Proud Parent of a Gay Cat/Dog!

At least one of my dogs is absolutely gay – he even used to have a little boyfriend! I could definitely see myself wearing this to the park, or to dog training classes!  I’m sure it would prompt some really interesting conversations!  Order here.


6. I Woof For Equality!

Thee rainbow bandannas are a stylish accessory for any pup to show their commitment to equality, for pride, gaycation, or just to help spread messages of equality while out on walks. A really cute design that comes in lots of sizes! Order here.


7. Life Goes Pop

Looking to make a custom gift featuring a beloved pet’s adorable face?  I got the chance to sample these Life Goes POP pillows and was really impressed!  I made a pillow using a picture of my youngest dog wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears! You upload a picture of your pet, they message you back a few days later with your POPed picture, and a few different background options to chose from.  Order here.


8. LGBTQ Rainbow Flag Girl

You’ll definitely be making the yuletide gay with this adorable ornament! Available in many different breeds, and in cats! It’s like a little Pride march for your tree. These ornaments are definitely whimsical. I feel like this is something you could even keep up year round. Order here.


9. FETCH: How A Bad Dog Brought Me Home, Nicole J Georges

I spoke with author/artist Nicole J Georges a couple of months ago for this column about her new dog focused graphic memoir FETCH.  This is probably the best book I’ve read this year, so I definitely would want to include it on a gift list. FETCH  is a perfect book for any queer dog lover especially if they have a soft spot for difficult rescue pups. Order here.