Jet lag and the first injection

Jet lag! That's what's on my mind right now along with Ducklips breaking out in chicken pox pretty much as we walked through the door at home (we couldn't have timed that better if we tried). Bloody jetlag is taking the relaxation out of our hols. Having the girls up for five hours in the middle of night really takes the shine off the rest of our amazing familymoon!! I felt like the walking dead and straight back to work too. I was so tired I could've slept on a washing line, I was slurring my words and incomprehensible. It was like I was drunk. Europe next year, me thinks.


We had spent a week relaxing in Scottsdale, Arizona which was really chilled out with the kids playing in the pool most of the day and L and I taking sunbathing shifts. Vitamin D makes me happy! We were supposed to have 30 minute slots each but L is more hardcore than me and can take the 35 degree heat. After about 10 minutes I had cried off and was willing to swap back and have the girls. No wonder she looks like she's been away for a month! Ducklips learnt to be in the pool with armbands on; bless her little dinky body bobbing around in the pool. G spent hours in there too happily amusing herself while we sampled the local beers during happy hour. I could've easily stayed another week.


We added a super special surprise to the end of the holiday dropping in on my nana in Vancouver. She will be 80 next year and hadn't met Ducklips yet so, after being bumped off two standby flights, a rush change of terminal with two kids in tow and the double buggy, a three hour flight to Seattle, then picking up a car for a four hour drive over the border to Vancouver… bam! There we were on her doorstep. All coordinated with military precision thanks to my aunt and a family friend.


My nana thought she was getting a kitten so she was relieved when it was us. She said it was the best surprise of her life. Wow! Well that's just brilliant and worth the epic journey just to see the look on her face. We spent a couple of days together. It was so lovely seeing her with the girls; they were both saying, "Nana". It melted my heart and hers I think. I was even lucky enough to meet some of my family that I hadn't met yet. Magical moments to treasure.


I've had my first injection. This one is to turn my ovaries off before I start stimulating them to make lots of eggs. I was really calm and relaxed about it in the morning but when my alarm went off to do it I got really nervous. It's not nice injecting yourself and I feel for people who have to do it every day.


L was strangely excited knowing it was the first day of the drugs. Although she did mention how hard it's going to be and how much she misses me not me being a mum, but being just me. She's so sweet and so needy. I put her heel balm on and put on her socks as she needs a little bit of looking after right now. I'm already a mother to three so this won't be like getting a third child more like a fourth!!! Don't think I'm going to have too much time pondering over this treatment with these three keeping me busy!


No time to dwell on the injection as the kids were running around my feet after spending the last half hour fighting on the trampoline. Ducklips has started hitting and when we catch her she just stares back at us with the “and what's your problem” face (bit like L's WTF face). Obviously we are blaming the nursery for this behaviour as she must've picked it up from some little s@#t there. It can't possibly be her own doing as darling child is so perfect. Hmmmm…


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