LGBT Activists Rally For Civil Rights In America
LGBT Activists Rally For Civil Rights In America

LGBT activists want to see sexual orientation and gender identity included in Indiana’s civil rights law.

LGBT activists and supporters gathered outside the Statehouse in Indiana on Saturday to urge Governor Mike Pence and legislators to amend the state’s civil rights law.

More than 100 people participated in the rally, using the slogan “four words and a comma”, a reference to adding the phrase “sexual orientation, gender identity” to the outdated civil rights law.

Adding these changes would secure protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals that are not currently guaranteed.

Senate Democrats have sponsored Senate Bill 2, which would prohibit discrimination in civil rights statutes.

Audrey Bee, who helped organise the rally, stated that “state legislators have made it acceptable to treat people as if they aren’t human beings,” adding, “We face inequalities, bigotries and barbarism in the church, in the workplace, at home… so we need the government to put their foot down.”

Democratic Indiana House candidate, Dana Black, spoke at the rally and said the current language relays, “If you’re not a Christian, then you don’t belong in Indiana.” Black referenced current law like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and spoke on how this allows people to discriminate based on religious principles.

Black believes Indiana officials should want to protect all of the state’s citizens. “If you want to attract business and attract talent to Indiana, you can’t close it off and say, ‘If you don’t look like me, pray like me, love like me, then you’re not welcome.’ The economy won’t grow.”

Speakers urged individuals to reach out and teach tolerance while others encouraged people to vote.

Veterans and Christians were also a part of the group, standing in solidarity and saying they do not agree with the governor’s stance on religious freedom.