Chely Wright has come out Chely Wright has come out!

Who? Anne Murray? Taylor Swift? Shania Twain? No, Chely Wright.

We haven’t heard much of her since the 1997 hit single “Shut Up and Drive”… so could this here coming out all be one big cunning stunt?

Well, the country singer, aged 39, whose best years were more than a decade ago, appears to have made the announcement to coincide with the release her autobiography and new album. Not everyone is happy about the coming out news.

No doubt the country music world is more than a little shocked, and commentators on YouTube are having their usual anonymous, nasty sniping matches. But we say late is better than never. “There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality,” Wright told People magazine. “I wasn’t going to be the first.”


Chely Wright recently became the first openly gay country music singer when she came out, and stopped by to tell Ellen DeGeneres all about her journey. During the emotional interview, she shared…