What Do You Believe In?

Support the Kickstarter campaign started by the proud father of a gay daughter.

A proud father of a gay daughter, Gary Wright, is attempting to make internet history and touch, unite, and reach the world by launching a worldwide movement called the Believe Emblem.

Inspired by his daughter Sadie, Wright realised the importance of open minds, understanding, and acceptance that each individual is different in their own way. The Believe Emblem is designed to make you feel as comfortable on the inside as you feel on the outside.

When the peace sign was first introduced in 1958, its founder Gerald Holtman drew it as a symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War – Since then, it has become the world’s symbol for peace.

Wright has introduced the Believe Emblem to symbolise the ever-increasing divided and conflicted world. It aims to inspire, unify, and comfort us and represent our individual beliefs and differences. The campaign aspires to connect individuals through the symbol and encourage them to be proud of their beliefs, whatever they may be.  


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