Finding Inspiration…


Simple tips as you begin creating your own Wedding Vows

Plan on writing your own vows?  Enjoy these quick ideas to help get you started!

If you’re musical, take time throughout your engagement to relax with some of your old favorites – those songs or pieces that have been meaningful to you even before meeting your fiancée.  As the music replays, and awakens your heart, you may find that the lyrics or the instrumentals will help bring ideas to life as you set pen to paper and begin writing the important words and phrases that will become your vows.

Set a Romantic Mood:  Candlelight, flowers, a special dinner… and invite your Sweetie to play a simple Q&A with you!  Ask each other questions and enjoy flirting, being silly and bantering together.  Be sure to keep a pen or computer handy to jot down ideas as they develop!

Idea-Starters…  ‘What is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever done for you?’  ‘What are some of the best ways I can show you that I love you and that I support our marriage?’  ‘…Three qualities about you that always make me giggle.’  ‘When it’s 20 years from now, what are five things you hope we’ve accomplished together?’  ‘What’s the highlight about our marriage being legally recognized?’  ‘How does my heart speak to yours?’

Remember how it feels to open a fresh box of crayons?   Indulge in a shopping spree at the art store!  Buy extravagant paper (perhaps in your wedding theme colors), pen/s, colored pencils, decorative pieces and just start writing!  Sometimes the new, special artistic tools will help boost your creativity.  Consider adding scrapbooking accents too, such as stickers and sequins, to decorate your pages:  the mixed media can truly enhance your flow.

Online Search:  There’s no shame in browsing the internet for great ideas.  Remember those English Lit classes?  Google a favorite writer, poet, philosopher or comedian and cut & paste some favorite quotes.  (Be sure to credit the author, it may come in handy later for your ceremony program – your guests will surely be curious!)

Broaden your Circle – Event if your parents are not 100% supportive of your upcoming lesbian wedding, they may be quite touched by your invitation to share some of the words of their own vows, so that you can integrate them into your own ceremony.  Other special relatives and close friends are also eager to be included in your wedding plans:  don’t hesitate to ask for input and insights!

A Lasting Keepsake – Plan to have your calligrapher create an artistic rendering of your vows, or add the keepsake as a preferred item on your gift registry.  Keeping your vows close (framed and on display at home, or in your wedding album) is a beautiful reminder of the promises behind your loving commitment