The First Lesbian Memoir From Nigeria By Unoma Azuah

Unoma Azuah’s Embracing My Shadow, the first lesbian memoir from Nigeria, is an inspiring testimony suffused in sensuality that illustrates how a young woman can find oases of erotic love even within a severely homophobic society…

February 2021

Wedding Day First Dance

One look at YouTube under the category “First Dance” will tell you all you need to know about the Wedding Day First Dance tradition…

September 2020

Long-Lived Lesbian Fight For Legal Marriage

We were together for fourteen years, almost all of them spent in Australia, because she couldn’t get more than a six-month visa to come to the USA, and she wasn’t allowed to work here…

September 2020
Walnut and Maple engagement ring with salvaged diamond setting

Engagement Ring Alternatives

Don’t want to wear a conflict diamond? Here’s a guide to a number of equally attractive alternatives…

September 2020

Getting Married In 28 Countries

Love around the world is a children’s book about 2 women, who are getting married in the 28 countries where same-sex marriage is allowed…

November 2019