‘Askrealqueers’ Releases Its Third Season

The show is produced by Real Queers, a platform that reflects, explores, and celebrates the lives of queer people of colour around the world

#Askrealqueers, A Conversation Show Featuring Members Of The LGBTQ Community, Releases Its Third Season On Youtube

The show is produced by Real Queers, a platform that reflects, explores, and celebrates the lives of queer people of colour around the world.

The show sees a group of opinionated people from the LGBTQ community respond to questions such as “Is there a gay agenda?” and “Do age gaps matter in queer relationships?”

The season comprises six 30-minute episodes. The cast includes DJ and radio host Carmen London; British singer-songwriters Lylo Gold and Asher Grey; actress and entertainer, Nims; among others. Nims, Asher and Carmen also appeared in the pilot season of #AskRealQueers.

The cast provides diversity of opinion and experience and tackled difficult discussions such as the roots of homophobia in African and Caribbean communities, racism and gender politics.

“Another season of very interesting conversations. Different perspectives and different realities, with a few side eyes and definitely some laughs!” -Sade Giliberti, Actor and TV presenter

The series is produced by Nic Dawes, founder of Real Queers, who said: “Ask Real Queers has been created to provide a platform for us to discuss issues and raise questions that are rarely addressed openly and hopefully debunk a few common myths along the way.”

“There are many differences of opinion within the community, and this is an opportunity to hear those perspectives in a way that isn’t sensationalised and spoon fed to us by mainstream media.”

This is the second season of #AskRealQueers to come out of London. The first season debuted in 2017 and last year the team introduced #AskRealQueers Johannesburg to the world. The programme is hosted on the Real Queers YouTube channel which also hosts a number of other series; including a series of shorts called ‘Perspectives’, and ‘The Gist’, a weekly news and gossip show.

Since being founded in 2017, Real Queers has evolved from being a London-based platform to engaging with queer people around the world through blogs and a weekly Instagram show interview hosted by international brand ambassador, Nims Locker.

Nims said: “Real Queers, for me, is a platform where I can be me, speak freely, not be judged and know there’s other people like me. It’s like group therapy on a larger scale. Platforms like this are important because too often other people are responsible for our narrative and it’s imperative that we create our own narrative. We’re the ones that live this life so why should anyone else be telling our stories?”

“Real Queers aims to unite the community of queer people of colour through the sharing of mutual experiences, to empower those who may feel disenfranchised and to support them on the journey to celebrating their queer existence,” said Nic.

The first episode is out on 18th September on YouTube.com/RealQueersTV