Want that androgynous look without the struggle to find clothes that actually fit?

Gender Free World’s shirts fit all bodies 👕


High street retailers often appear to have a "one size fits all" mentality but sometimes a shirt that fits well around the bust might be too wide across the hips, too narrow in the arms or it might fit badly across the chest – am I right?


On top of that, you're forced to make a gender choice the moment that you walk into most clothing stores with distinctly separate departments for men and women.


Most brands still produce different ranges and colour designs which are divided by gender – if you prefer the patterns or colours available in the men’s aisle, bad luck – for female bodies these are often too wide on the shoulder or long in the body with no room for hips!


At GFW Clothing, we know that women’s bodies vary in bust size and hip width and after much research and trying out various samples on our friends, we've devised four body shape templates!


Each of the shirts that we sell are available in the following four, simple sizes…



It is as simple as A, B, C (…and D!)


👕 A (Alex) ….suits a figure with wider hips or a bigger bottom

👕 B (Billie) …suits a figure with a bigger bust

👕 C (Charlie) …suits a straighter figure 

👕 D (Drew) …similar to a "traditional menswear" shirt – suits those with shoulders wider than their hips and a longer torso


We’ve even made a handy video which explains the differences.


Plus, there's our high street comparison chart which shows our clothing when compared to that available on the high street. We decided to use our own numbering system because there is no uniformity across retailers – a size 14 can be loose-fitting in one shop and tight in another. 



Once you know your GFW Clothing size and shape you'll be able to order again and again knowing that the clothes you've ordered will fit you well. Now, isn't that something?


We hope this handy little guide has made it easier for you to choose between our four body shapes but if you would like more help contact us and we can work out whether Alex, Billie or Charlie is the template for you!


For more visit genderfreeworld.com 



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