LGBT Seattle-Based Indie Folk-Jazz Singer Shelita Burke

Watch her incredible music video for her single ‘Transfixed.’

“Transfixed” was filmed in Paris, and depicts Shelita traveling through the romantic city, recalling memories, including some intimate moments she shared with the love of her life. The track is off Burke’s debut EP Transfixed, which was released in November 2015 and reached #14 Best Selling Album on Amazon.

Shelita honed her musical talent by busking on the streets of Seattle and playing metal in clubs, but it was while writing songs based on her emotional life that she created a distinctive sound, and one which incorporated her fascination with Middle Eastern musical scales.

A poet at heart, this sound artist has developed her career over the past two years, bringing her fresh take on indie folk-jazz to her self-generated world tours to France, Morocco, England, Ireland,Canada, Germany, Iceland, Japan, and Wales.