‘It Was Romance’ Releases Remake Of Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’ Music Video With A Queer Angle

This shot-by-shot remake of an iconic 1990s video is full of ’90s nostalgia.

New York based band It Was Romance debuted their newest music video on July 25.

It Was Romance began as lead Lane Moore’s solo project. Using found and collected instruments, Lane began discovering her own sound, complete with an electric ukulele with a distortion pedal.

After gaining attention throughout the UK, Lane decided that while she could play as a one woman band, she’d rather find a backing band that could help her fully realize the songs as big and bold as she’d heard them in her head.

Now, the band has completed a shot-for-shot remake of the extremely iconic 1990s Fiona Apple “Criminal” music video. Except this time there is a queer angle.

The team that helped complete the video included people of color and LGBT people.

This wonderfully ’90s tribute is fun, a dose of eye-candy, and also extremely badass.

Watch the video below!