Vantage Points: Stockholm’s Best Views And Where To Find Them

Like a good vista, sister? We went to Stockholm to find the best views for your Swedish getaway

Let’s get one thing straight: Stockholm is no New York. There are no vertigo-inducing skyscrapers and no commanding monuments looming into the sky like the Statue of Liberty. Instead, the Swedish capital is a charming medley of boats, bridges and bell towers – and that’s just why we love it!

In spite of its deliberate lack of high-rise buildings, the #OpenCity does offer a fair share of great views – some to wake up to, other to catch a quick glimpse of while you’re falling from the sky (you’ll see what we mean by that).

If you’re heading to Stockholm soon, check out our favourite views of the city:


The restaurant at Fotografiska


Sure, you could start anywhere, but Fotografiska might just be the best place to kick off your tour of Swedish vistas.

After treating your eyes to some of the most celebrated national and international talent in photography (a viewing pleasure in and of itself), head up to the museum’s restaurant for what we would confidently call the single most beautiful outlook on all of Stockholm!

From up here, you can see the Gamla Stan (old town) in the west and the green world of Djurgården island straight ahead.

As if that wasn’t enough, a healthy lunch awaits at the sustainably minded restaurant while imposing cruise ships navigate the waterways just outside Fotografiska: a visit here is a feast for the eyes.


Gröna Lund, Royal Djurgården


Make your way over to the above-mentioned Djurgården island to get high – no, not like that, although there is an adrenaline rush to be had here. One of Sweden’s most beloved attractions, Gröna Lund, is the country’s answer to Disney World. And it’s not just for children!

Founded in 1883, the popular amusement park was once a land of carousels and funfair attractions. Today, there are more than thirty rides, many of which catapult visitors to extreme highs in no time: jump on the Ikarus for a real down-to-Earth experience (we mean that quite literally) as you drop from a height of 95 metres, seats tilted forward. While they are some of Stockholm’s most sensational views, the vistas here only ever last a few seconds, ladies – though no one will stop you from getting right back on the Ikarus… Visiting during winter? Pop into next-door’s ABBA The Museum instead, to see new heights of fame and fabulousness!


Vasa Museum


If you’ve enjoyed looking down at Stockholm’s skyline, you will love being able to view one of its greatest treasures, housed inside a massive building. The Vasa, a 52.5 metres high warship that sank during its maiden voyage in 1628, is among Scandinavia’s most iconic attractions. Wonder how that’s possible?

Well, luckily for the Vasa (and ourselves), the icy waters of the Baltic Sea kept the vessel in a remarkable condition until its recovery in 1961. Now housed in its own museum, the utterly unique ship with beautifully ornate details can be viewed from virtually all angles: climb the museum’s many galleries to learn about the Vasa’s history. Once at the top, take some time to just marvel at the masterpiece in front of your eyes – this truly is a sight to behold.


Haymarket by Scandic


It’s one thing strolling around town to find a nice view, but it’s another to simply wake up to one. If you’re after the latter, Haymarket by Scandic might be your best bet: the stylish hotel is easy on the eyes throughout; but it also offers some of the best rooms with a view in all of Stockholm.

Treat yourself to one of their top-floor suites (if you’re travelling with your favourite femme, there’s always a reason to splurge!) and observe the busy streets below. Since the Haymarket overlooks Hörtorget Square and its busy daytime markets, staying here never gets boring. Just order room service and plant yourself on your terrace – we could spend hours taking in Stockholm’s skyline from up here!


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