Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Sexy Edition

14 Sexy and Sensual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February is upon us, which means it's time to celebrate all things romantic. While the tradition may dictate chocolates, flowers and teddy bears, we suggest instead of the old holiday stand-bys you mix it up and go full-sexy this year. To help in this sensual endeavor we've compiled a list of 14 sexy gift ideas sure to make this Valentine's Day, red-hot!


1.Ride This Cowgirl!
Traditional harnesses, while devilishly sexy, can be a bit of nuisance. Few of us enjoy the feel of leather scratching and scrunching in our most delicate of parts while trying out the upside down reverse cowgirl against the kitchen counter. For ultimate comfort, boi-ish sexiness and general non-scrunching the RodeoH is a lady lovers best friend. Made of 95 percent cotton, it's design is so simple, you'll feel a little silly for putting up with all those straps and strings for so long. It may seem like just another pair of briefs, but before you go cutting holes in your underwear, the RodeoH is specially designed for play. Its snug fit and flexible ring in the center are made to securely hold a toy of your choice and provide enough support for that new move you were saving for Valentine's Day. ($45, [Rosanna Rios Spicer]


2.Technically Sexy
Minna Ola looks like something you'd be able to plug into your Mac Book.  It's sleek, almost futuristic design, makes it the ideal gift for the tech-savvy soul mate in your life. The Minna Ola brings something new to the sometimes disengaging role of sex toys–your partner's personal touch. The vibrators star feature isn't its special sequences or speeds but its ability to replay you or your lover’s unique pattern programed by nothing more than a gentle (or rough) squeeze. It then remembers the pattern and can repeat it for as long as you like. Move over, pre-programed vibes, Minna gives you even more control over your pleasure. ($165, [RRS]


3. Rock Her World
Ditch the traditional floral arrangements and give your girl a flower made to please. Icicles hand blown glass dildo is a sensual and beautiful gift. It's gently curved stem blooms into the spherical head which encases a luminescent glass flower. Made of durable, phalate-free pyrex glass, it's sure to last much longer than a dozen roses. Glass toys are safe, easy to clean and handle and provide an exhilarating smooth and heavy feel.  ($45, [RRS]


4. Couple's Connection
A must-have for your toy chest, the We Vibe is an instant classic. We've heard plenty of praise from the hetero-world due to its innovative design that allows you to use the vibrator to stimulate your g-spot and clitoris during intercourse. But this toy works with our accoutrement as well — compatible with fingers, dildos and solo play. The We Vibe is flexible, formed to fit into just the right places and has strong vibrations with multiple speeds and patterns that stimulate both internally and externally. ($99, [RRS]


5. Keep it Clean
Don't let the name fool you, Good Clean Love is perfect for those quick and dirty romps before work or a slow sensual serenade after your Valentine's Day Dinner. With either scenario, you don't want to be without the organic, yummy scents and sensations of Good Clean Love's personal lubricant, love oil, or body butter. Their lubes are vegan, natural and won't leave you sticky. They also provide their own kind of nourishment by stimulating natural lubrication.  ($12-$24, [RRS]


6. Reel Queer
Those of you who've had the unfortunate experience of viewing mainstream "lesbian" porn, crammed with close-ups of talon-esque nails and fake moans, have faith. Good porn, for the viewing pleasure of real-life lesbians, does exist. Directed by independent queer pornographer, Nenna, Tight Places: Drop of Color, proves that smut isn't just for the boys. With very steamy scenes involving studs with strap-ons, femmes and fingers, Drop of Color is sure to have you grasping for that Minnie-Ola. No faking it here: Drop of Color features real queer women of color having some seriously hot sex. ($30, [RRS]


7. The Color of Love
Probably not the best topic of conversation in front of polite company, this fine art is perfect for the bedroom. The Love is Art kit is a simple way to memorialize your romance. Instead of giving a gift this Valentine's Day, why not create one together? The kit includes a protective plastic sheet, a white cotton canvas, and washable black paint. Sure, it can get a little messy. Which is perfect excuse for ending the night with a warm, romantic bubble bath. This gift is awesome for the adventurous or artsy lady in your life. ($60, [RRS]


8. Kink It Up
Interested in a romp a bit on the rough side but not ready for the leather restraints? Try the Velcro ones instead. This gift is for close couples who are interested in exploring their kinky side but may feel a bit intimidated by all the equipment. Velcro restraints are a great for beginners because they go on and come off easily and can be attached anywhere while still leaving some wiggle room for your partner. ($14, [RRS]


9. Knock on Wood
Need a gasp-worthy gift for your granola crunching gal? Nobessence handcrafts beautifully shaped, all-wood erotic toys. The smooth finish of wood feels sensual to the touch and is easy to clean and maintain. The tryst, along with many of their pieces, is double sided and formed for both g-spot and anal stimulation. Besides the exquisite, zen-inspired feel of wood, this gift from the ground is coated with a bio-compatible finishing and is eco-friendly. ($180, [RRS]


10. Sleazy Reads
Like to read books in bed? Snuggle up with some Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 this winter and you won't even need the extra blanket. Your lesbian library need not go without these tantalizing tales of queer trysts. Edited by Kathleen Warnock, this book is the perfect gift for those of us who need some mental stimulation. ($10, [RRS]


11. Magic Wand
The HeartOn Wand Vibrator gives you a wand-style mini vibe without the phallic appearance. The heart-shaped silicone head delivers powerful vibrations in five different speeds while the sloping handle contours the vibe to her body. Attractive and waterproof, this battery-powered vibe says ‘I love you’ in the bed or the bath tub. ($64, [Merryn Johns]


12. Lost in Trans-elation
Finally — an erotic anthology that makes reading about queer sex as hot as having it! Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica satisfies a long-time craving of those living, loving and lusting outside of the gender binary to have our sexual experiences authentically translated onto the pornographic page. Led by editor Tristan Taormino, big-name gender-benders like Kate Bornstein, Patrick Califia and S. Bear Bergman tell stories lavishly layered in hot one-night stands, lip-biting orgasms and astute observations of just how tangled up queer sex and gender can be. Though these glimpses of queer social theory interestingly elevate Take Me There from pure smut, it still refreshingly reflects queer sex that isn't just about gender-variant pronouns or redefined dirty bits, but is about what you do with them. Whether you get off on the brains or the booty, we'd advise learning to read this one with one hand. ($15, [Yana Tallon-Hicks]


13. Fancy Pants
Bust out those inherited diamonds, because the ASLAN Crystal Blue Minx harness is exactly what it sounds like – the kind of harness you might wear while rolling around on faux-fur, fireside, with a celesbian. Luckily, at $169, you can make your real-life love look and feel like a million sexy bucks between the sheets, even if they're not satin. Adding instant glam to all body-types with its soft, juicy blue eather, sexy and supportive corsette-tied back panel and the versatility to fit 30”-60” hips, the Crystal Blue Minx is sure to give your Valentine a heart-on.  ($175, [YTH]


14. Sensation Revelation
Coax your gamer girl into the bedroom with LELO's new SenseMotion remote-controlled vibrator, Lyla. LELO has shaken up the egg-vibe by adding their signature, sophisticated waterproof rechargeability to the same motion-sensing technology found in a Wii controller. Dictate Lyla's vibration speed and intensity with two different SenseMotion modes: in #1, tilt the remote from horizontal to vertical to increase her vibration sensation, really rattle things in #2 which has Lyla mimicking however the remote shakes or spins or, if things get too complicated, switch to six pre-programmed manual modes. However you spin it, Lyla's sure to send some shivers. ($139, [YTH]