Daily Gaydar: Lady Gaga Releases “Venus”

Director Kim Pierce talks Carrie Plus, check out Naya Rivera’s Halloween costume


We told ya Lady Gaga would be dropping hits like it’s nobody’s business, and we weren’t lying. “Venus,” a dance track calling on the goddess of love, released this week. [vevo]

Rock ‘n’ roll lady Joan Jett is producing and starring in Undateable John, in which she will play (surprise) a punk musician from Venice Beach. Jett most recently made an appearance in the film world when she executive produced The Runaways with Kristen Stewart. The performer will also be supplying the music for her new movie. [deadline]


More on Lady Gaga! So much controversy over whether or not she is actually bisexual has prompted the mega star to speak out about the issue (or lack thereof). In this video, where she’s sporting a pencil mustache, Gaga says that her bisexuality is not a marketing ploy; she just happens to like women, and we’re (more than) OK with that.


Toronto-based feminist artist Allyson Mitchell and friends have created the Lesbian-Feminist Haunted House, open for exploration Oct.17–30. Enjoy this art installation replete with many a gem, such as a tombstone labelled “GENDER BINARY, you were too smll 4 this world”.  (Possibly NSFW) [bitch]


Some nice news for the community: Karen Morgan, a lesbian soldier’s widow who went without since February, finally got access to her late wife’s benefits. It’s certainly bittersweet, but a victory nonetheless. [shewired]


Boston University has just approved gender-neutral housing. This much-needed option will be available for most students in the upcoming fall semester. We have a feeling this policy is going to bring all the bois, girls, and nonbinary kids to the yard. [boston]


Kristin and Dannielle of everyoneisgay.com are down to the last 20 days of their newest Indiegogo campaign, The Parents Project: a website that will cater exclusively to parents of LGBT youth. Kristin and Dannielle are hoping to provide a digital resource for parents whose children have come out. Come on, y’all, do it for the kids. [indiegogo]


Speaking of projects, Ellen Degeneres has something fresh up her sleeve; plans are currently in development for a new sitcom with a lesbian leading lady. Lez be friends, y’all! The more the merrier. [bust]

Sapphica is the music group featuring the vocal stylings of out basketball player Kristen Mann, and they are raising money for their next video. The best part is they made this hilarious promo to get the world excited about their Indiegogo campaign. So here’s a good laugh to brighten your day! (Maybe NSFW) [indiegogo]


On a more serious note, Hawaii is currently awaiting passage of the marriage equality bill. After listening to countless testimonies on Monday, the Senates Committee on Labor and Judiciary passed the bill with a 5–2 vote. If the bill passes the legislature, Hawaii will become the 15th U.S. State to recognize same sex marriages. [buzzfeed]

Canadian folk-singer Ferron teams up with indie musician Bitch to bring us Thunder & Lighten-ing. Thunder is an hour-long documentary about Ferron, made by Bitch and Billie Jo Cavallaro, and Lighten-ing is the accompanying Ferron record produced by Bitch. Got it? Well, you can have a listen to track one, The Pledge, right here. [shortstoryrecords]


Out director Kimberly Pierce talked about Carrie, Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore in a girl-powerful interview. Carrie is in theaters now. (And don’t miss our interview with Pierce in the November issue, on stands now) [interviewmagazine]


Finally: brace yourselves, ladies. Naya Rivera dressed up as Carmen Sandiego for Halloween, and we’re thanking our lucky stars that she put this picture on Instagram. Yes, please! [shewired]