Daily Gaydar: Jane Lynch Will Host Again

jayne lynch

Plus, Samantha Irby’s new book and Avril Lavigne shares a kiss with Winnie Cooper.

Happy Hump Day curvettes!

Looks like Hollywood Game Night is renewed for a second season next summer. And what’s even better? Jane Lynch will continue hosting the game show. Maybe we’ll see some lesbian actors next season. [Deadline]

Speaking of television, Rashida Jones is coming to the CW with her new dramedy Ladyballs. Jones is joining forces with her sister Kidada Jones. The series “revolves around two twenty-something estranged friends in search of love in New York who are reunited after learning that they’ve been dating the same guy. When their plot to humiliate the two-timer goes viral, they realize the “payback” business is a lucrative one and set up a clandestine business to continue bringing down the hand of justice for those who have been wronged.” [TheHollywoodReporter]

Avril Lavigne catches our eye with her lates video “Rock N Roll.” Not only is Lavigne channelling Tank Girl but she makes our schoolyard crush come true by sharing a post-Apocolyptic kiss with Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper). [SheWired]

Well it looks like we weren’t the only only one shipping these two. BuzzFeed brings you 18 moments when Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza were adorable together. Now we just need to decide on a couple name, we vote for “Ambrey” [BuzzFeed]

Out singer Hannah Thomas sat down with AfterEllen about growing up gay in the South and her rising music career. It wasn’t easy for Thomas to be open about her sexuality in her hometown, but her struggles about love and life have been an influence in her music. She’s shared the stage with none other than Antigone Rising. Thomas’ songwriting is inspired by “Everything – the world around me, the life I live, the people I meet,” she says. “Ultimately, I believe in fairness, although the world is certainly not always that way, so I guess that is where the advocacy comes from. I know my music can’t change the world, but if it helps one person, than it was worth it.” [AfterEllen]

Tina Fey is bringing feminism to television, again! The 30 Rock star is collaborating with Robert Carlock and Matt Hubbard of 30 Rock for a series with fox. The unnamed project is “set at a women’s college that, for the first time in its history, begins accepting men.” [Deadline]

The adorable duo Tegan and Sara were brought on stage to perform “Closer” with Taylor Swift last night at the Staples Center.

Bisexual blogger Samantha Irby talks about her new book Meaty Essays, which is “a collection of personal essays that mostly center around my many physical and emotional disabilities and pooping all the time—gross out humor for the marginally grown up,” she says. Irby says she never wanted to write a book. “I don’t know that I ever want to work on another. But I’d been writing and performing for a while, and one of my friends in the Chicago lit scene was an editor at Curbside Splendor, my publisher, and she was like, ‘Dude, you should put out a book.’ It was for real that easy.” [AfterEllen]


Let’s wrap up your Wednesday with Young Galaxy’s new song “Crying My Heart Out.” Did we mention the drummer is a lesbian? [AfterEllen]