Anti-Trump Billboard In Times Square Features U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


Activ(ist)Wear Company DHVANI Partners with Planned Parenthood* to Protect Title X Funding for Women’s Healthcare

DHVANI, an activewear company, today unveiled a Times Square billboard taking on President Donald Trump and his administration’s attacks on Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding for women’s healthcare.

The image “Lady Liberty” shows an impersonator of the President tied up by model Michal Mesa, a Marine Corps veteran and middle school teacher.

The billboard is part of a series of images featuring the impersonator being silenced, bound, and gagged by five diverse female models as a direct response to the Administration’s gag rule on Title X providers.

“As a former US Marine, I was proud to serve my country and help protect the rights of our citizens,” said Mesa.

“Perhaps now more than ever, it’s crucial we take a powerful stand against those who are determined to strip Americans of our rights. I’m proud to represent Lady Liberty and hope it inspires more people to take a stand.”

Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive healthcare, serves four million people each year, especially people of color, people with low incomes, and those living in remote or rural areas.

The Trump administration has imposed a gag rule restricting doctors and nurses from providing information on where and how to access healthcare, forcing Planned Parenthood out of the program and leaving thousands of patients with nowhere to go for care.

“We are proud to join Planned Parenthood in defending women from assaults on our reproductive rights,” said Chloe Mason, DHVANI chief communications officer and the lead model in the campaign. “Trump administration policies are threatening the health and bodily autonomy of women, especially women of color, low-income women, and LGBTQ women.”

In addition to the Title X gag order, Trump has tried to allow healthcare discrimination against transgender people and people who have had an abortion; introduced a rule that would allow employers to decide whether insurance covers birth control; tried to dismantle the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program; proposed a rule to eliminate protections for survivors of sexual assault; and sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, threatening coverage for millions of women.

President Trump, who has admitted to sexually assaulting women and has been accused of sexual misconduct by no fewer than 23 women, has awarded lifetime appointments to more than 100 federal judges known for restricting women’s rights, including his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite credible accusations of rape.

Taking a Front-Row Seat

Portland-based DHVANI had a front-row seat when the white supremacist, far-right group Proud Boys marched in downtown Portland in August. Counter-protests by progressive anti-fascists stirred President Trump to tweet that antifa should be considered an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.”

Misogynist and racist rhetoric from President Trump and the Proud Boys has been particularly galvanizing to DHVANI’s staff.

“Enough is enough. Our customers and our team are empowered, outspoken, and active. This new campaign captures the level of frustration and the need to speak out louder than ever before,” said DHVANI co-founder and CEO Avi Brown. “This represents a proud and organic evolution of our brand identity. Our customers choose DHVANI for its quality and its commitment to directly support social change, and so do we by working with nonprofits that make a difference.”

DHVANI, a proud Oregon-based company, will give five percent of gross sales to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette during this promotional campaign ending December 31, 2019.