Fitness Coach Nicole Sanders Answering Your Questions


Nicole Sanders is the founder and CEO of Ladimax Sports and Fitness, a women’s only gym in Westchester County, New York.


Dear Nicole,


I have been working really hard for the past six weeks and have dropped 15 pounds. I am getting married in September and can already feel the anxiety over what to eat and how much to eat in order to keep my weight loss goals intact. I really want to keep making progress but our family is huge and we have many gatherings over the summer. How can I still have fun and NOT gain weight?   



Scared of Summer



Hey Scared of Summer,

Do eat, but don’t sabotage your progress. Below you will find a list of simple Do’s and Don’ts that will keep you on the social scene but not derail your diet.


DON’T: Skip breakfast; BBQ’s usually began in the afternoon so be sure to eat a healthy breakfast. It will kick start your metabolism and you will be less likely to overeat during the BBQ.


DO: Exercise portion control. There are usually smaller paper plates to accommodate the many desserts at these functions. That’s the one for you. If that fails, choose one protein source and fill the rest of the plate with veggies. 86 the bun and use lettuce wraps.


DON’T: Eat the hot dogs. Unless you are 100% sure that they are MSG and nitrate free (you actually saw the package yourself), choose another protein source. Your fingers will be the first to bloat up and you will feel (and look) defeated the next morning.


DO: Go lean; choose the leanest cut of meat you see. Look for the kebabs with veggies. Hopefully, somewhere in the host’s BBQ arsenal, there are nicely grilled shrimp.


DON’T: Touch the sauce. Any dish that is swimming in a juice, a sauce or looks thick, AVOID. You want to stick to light, refreshing dishes. Nothing heavy. You are trying to get rid of heavy, not eat it.


DO: Go green with side dishes. Sides should not be limited to salads. Seek out the veggies and load up. They will keep you chewing which will keep you full longer.


DON’T: Be afraid to make the host aware of your fitness and health goals. They may have healthier options that didn’t make it to the picnic table.


DO: Dump sugary beverages. Sugary, cold sodas, teas and lemonades are filled with artificial sweeteners and calories. Ask for seltzer and drop in a lemon or lime.


DON’T: Waste your calories on condiments. Ketchup and BBQ sauce may taste good but they are loaded with sodium and sugar. Instead, use a little sea salt, olive oil, and herbs and spices. Perfectly fine to ask the host and create your own.


DO: Feel free to bring your own healthy dish that everyone can enjoy. This is a sure way to make sure the food you need is available.


Those are some quick Do’s and Don’ts… and one more thing.  You’ve had a good deal of success, so don’t stop now. Make food choices that will lead you to your goal.


Best Wishes on the wedding!