Soundtrack For Summer Loving

Jessie Standafer, BOYTOY and a host of rising artists provide a pool party playlist that will keep you going all night.

Happy summer, Curve readers! After what feels like the longest winter ever on record, we are excited to bring you the hottest new music to add to your warm weather playlist.


Pool day? BBQ? Long summer night? We’ve got you covered. Listen up!


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Frankie Simone is a Puerto Rican pop singer living in Portland and she is releasing her debut EP Love//Warrior June 1. The first single from the record is “War Paint,” a dynamic and catchy jam that inspires some serious dance moves. Simone’s vision as an artist is to inspire enlightenment, self-empowerment, and awakening.  She collaborates closely with her wife and choreographer Che Che Luna to create a unique aesthetic that embodies her mission to make art that is inclusive and celebratory of all people from every walk of life.


Love//Warrior is an enthusiastic debut with no shortage of bass-heavy dance beats. It’s a perfect soundtrack to blast while getting ready for any of your upcoming Pride festivities.





BOYTOY, the Brooklyn-based band made up of four psych-rocking queer ladies headed by Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn VanDyke released their sophomore album Night Leaf back on April 27. The surf rockers gained a lot of recognition for their debut, a self-titled EP released in 2014. They recorded Night Leaf at Pump House Studio in Topanga Canyon, and the uniquely Southern California vibe inspired the sunny grooves that shine throughout the album, without compromising the New York grit that makes BOYTOY who they are.


Stream Night Leaf at your next pool party.

Check out the single “Static Age” here.




Folk pop mainstay Rachael Cantu released her EP Love Rush in April. We covered the eponymous single back in January and the rest of the record is as lush and lovely as the title song. Cantu’s soulful voice is showcased in a new way on Love Rush. With the smooth vocals and the undeniable pop sensibility, Cantu is charting a course toward big time commercial success.


Purchase and play Love Rush for your next date night.


Check out the video for the second single “You’re the Most” below.


RACHAEL CANTU – YOU'RE THE MOST [Official Music Video] from Rachael Cantu on Vimeo.




Alyse Vellturo musical project, pronoun, has the perfect song for your summer road trip in her single “wrong.” The track covers the rocky emotional territory of coming to terms with feelings for an ex. She talks about the strange paradox that occurred when she realized she felt bad for an ex-girlfriend she had thought she hated.


Surprisingly, those complex and slightly contradictory emotions informed the breezy summer jam. Listen to it while going down a country road with wind in your hair.

Listen to “wrong” here.




Jessie Standafer is a New York-based pop singer who recently released the song and video for new single “High,” which features hip hop artist and out lesbian Alsace Carcione. Standafer experienced a turning point in her life and career when she came out and has since devoted her platform to celebrating equality and activism.


The track “High” is triumphant electro-pop and the video captures the energy of New York City at night, with the party atmosphere as both backdrop and metaphor for love.


Throw on some headphones and listen to “High” on a flight heading somewhere fabulous.



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