LGBTWho: The Interactive Show That Celebrates Queer Culture

Best-friends-turned-lovers, Acacia Rose and Sophia Haworth, explore LGBT issues at Brisbane Anywhere Festival

Best friends for 11 years, together for 2. Acacia Rose and Sophia Haworth thought they had been through everything together. Until they decided to write a show.

"We've been performing together for probably about 9 years." Sophia explains, referring to numerous community theatre productions. "So it seemed like the next logical step. We both wanted to make something about the LGBT community and the issues we face, so we thought: Why not do it together?"

The resulting show "LGBTWho" was accepted into the Brisbane Anywhere Festival and will be playing in Brisbane in mid May. But it wasn't without its ups and downs.

"It can be hard working with someone you love," Sophia admits. "One of the first things they tell you at University is 'Do NOT work with your friends', and that's because it's hard to separate your relationship outside of work to your relationship inside the rehearsal room. We have had fights about the show, but I think that's a good thing. It shows me how passionate we are about the show and how much we want it to succeed. If anything, LGBTWho has brought us closer. It's certainly taught me some new communication skills!"

LGBTWho is an interactive, 60 minute show that celebrates queer culture. It uses stories gathered directly from the LGBT+ community.

LGBTWho (part of the 2015 Anywhere Festival)
Dates and times: May 14- 17, 21-24 at 7pm
Location: Bright HQ
54 Vernon Terrace Tenerife