Sexual Healing

A friend from Paris has been staying with me for the past two weeks. I live in a studio, large by New York standards, but still, two people in a studio apartment equals no privacy. So, I have been spending a lot of time at my girlfriend’s place lately. Yes, even with the roommate here!

We’ve been madly crushing over each other, having more sex than ever: every night for the past eight days at least, sometimes during the day, too. It’s too sexy, to be together for almost a year and a half and be even more crazy attracted to one another than in the beginning. Yup, we’ve been up to our elbows and eyelashes in pussy for hours and hours and hours.

We are indeed still getting to know each other and it’s making for quite the sultry brew. I cannot remember how I ever got bored with women I’ve loved in the past before the year mark passed in our relationship—well actually thinking about it now, I do remember: they were unhealthy all, and so was I. One was an abuser, one was a cheater and the other was too possessive and didn’t want me to have my own life. And I was struggling with (mostly) undiagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After I was diagnosed, starting taking proper medication and found the right therapist, I got my shit together real quick. No more abuse, betrayal or plain unhealthy behavior from the women I want in my life, in any capacity. The Playwright is emotionally healthy and it’s a beautiful thing. She has real and legit boundaries, a low tolerance for bullshit (including mine), a full life of her own and loves that I have the same, we don’t “do” drama and I don’t think we’ve ever had a real fight, a minor quibble, perhaps, but certainly no knock down drag-outs or kitchen sink arguments like in my (and her?) previous relationships.

Almost two years ago, when I first met the Playwright online and before we had even met in person, I told her I was having a big 45th birthday bash the next day and that maybe she’d be at my birthday the next year. That birthday bash was a cleansing of sorts for me. Most people in attendance I had known for less than three years—the span my “new” and healthy life without pain or drama. My gal and I were in Vancouver together with another good friend of mine for my 46th birthday last year.

This year, for number 47, I really just want stay at home with my girlfriend and fuck and fuck, and fuck some more. And then maybe cook a meal together. I need to just revel in and celebrate being happy and pain and drama free, being loved and giving love—freely and unconditionally.


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