The Set Piece By Catherine Lane

"The Set Piece" - Catherine Lane

A charming romance and a great story not only about today’s homophobia in professional sports but also about people trapped within the golden cage of fame.

The Set Piece’s publication couldn’t have been better timed. Soccer—or football for us European girls—is at its peak right now with the Women’s World Cup 2015, which is being held in Canada in June and July 2015. As a huge fan of European soccer, I was so excited to hear about a lesbian romance set in the world of professional soccer that it was a must-read for me! And I was not disappointed. The book is a winner! The Set Piece is the perfect mix of sports, romance, and even a little bit of crime.

Let me introduce you to the characters of The Set Piece:

Amy – is a woman who has been red-carded when it comes to money and love. She gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change her life for the better. The only thing she has to do is to fake a relationship with closeted soccer star Diego Torres. An easy assignment, or so it seems. But acting as Diego’s fake fiancée is harder than Amy imagined because she also has a secret: she is a lesbian.

Diego – is the beloved son of a Hispanic family but, more importantly, one of most popular soccer stars in Major League Soccer. He has the talent of Lionel Messi and the charm of David Beckham, but he’s also gay—a big no-no in a world in which players are supposed to be masculine and straight. To avoid uncomfortable questions, he and his manager decide Diego Torres needs a fiancée.

Casey – Diego’s female assistant is not involved in the fake game of Diego and Amy, so one of the first encounters between her and Amy at Diego’s estate is a crash of emotions and many splashes from the swimming pool. You have to read it yourself to understand why I found this encounter so mind-blowing. Meeting Amy brings out a softness in Casey that she normally hides behind a tough exterior. But Amy’s job as Diego’s fake fiancée blinds her to the truth about who Casey really is—a woman with feelings for her.

The Set Piece is a great story not only about today’s homophobia in professional sports but also about people trapped within the golden cage of fame. Most of the story is told from Amy’s point of view. Her metamorphosis proved that all that glitters is not gold and that life doesn’t always follow the prescribed plan of a “set piece.”  Several dynamic twists in the story made me want to read on to find the answers to my questions: Will all three—Casey, Amy, and Diego—get their happy endings?

The Set Piece is a charming romance. Catherine Lane gave me a glimpse of the darker elements of my beloved soccer, but she also showed me that even when dark clouds threaten, there’s always a silver lining. The Set Piece is a wonderful story of love and hope that can be enjoyed not only during the time of the Women’s World Cup 2015. I fully recommend Catherine Lane’s debut novel. I can’t wait to read more stories from this astonishing new author!