Bunny Finds A Friend By Hazel Yeats

A lesbian romance that combines humor with an interesting plot.

Christmas in Amsterdam, a run-in between two women in a department store, and thus we meet the two main characters of Hazel Yeats debut novel, Bunny Finds A Friend. Cara Jong, who drifts from job to job and doesn’t really know what she wants and Jude Donovan, a successful author of children’s books who’s playing Santa Claus at the moment.

Days after meeting Jude in her Santa Claus costume, Cara can’t stop thinking about this appealing woman with her beautiful eyes and her tempting mouth hidden beneath Santa’s beard. Through a ridiculous misunderstanding involving a bunny suit and a roomful of eager toddler fans, Cara and Jude finally properly meet and talk.

At Amsterdam’s historic bridges,they share their first romantic encounter. At this point, I ask myself: can they make it work when Cara has nothing to offer and Jude is focused and quite successful?

Jude is different than Cara. She has a career as an author; she is focused on her life as a single mom with a daughter and her books about a bunny who encounters real life problems.

Cara Jong,on the other hand, doesn’t want to be tied down by any woman or career. But she is kindhearted, and so what she lacks in commitment, she makes up for in love for her sisters and sister-in-law.

Her meddling family is a big part of Cara’s life and much more than a secondary character in this well-written novel. Her family is Cara’s past, present, and, more importantly, her future. I loved the way they act among themselves, even if they are sometimes too meddling and overwhelming.

Even in the darkest moments, these perfectly imperfect family interactions keep things together. Cara figures out how to love herself so that she has the confidence that she can be a good partner to someone else.

Cara’s and Jude’s thoughts are well described, even when I would have preferred more pages with Jude. She remained somehow in the shadows. I would have liked to know more about her.

How things work out for Cara and Jude is really special to watch. Without giving away any spoilers, the last book Jude writes in this well-edited novel gave me a perfect reflection of Cara and Jude.

Bunny Finds A Friend grabbed me right from the start with its bunch of loveable characters. The novel has a fine dose of humor combined with an interesting plot. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this author. Give it a try!