Banshee’s Honor: Tales Of Y’Myran By Shaylynn Rose

Lesbian romance meets awesome fantasy: The Tales of Y’Myran series

I love fantasy and science fiction: I read Marion Zimmer Bradley’s books and enjoyed Chris Anne Wolfe’s Aggar series. To find another well-written and well-constructed fantasy story with strong female heroines was such a lovely surprise for me.

Azhani Rhu’len, a half-elf and proud warrior, and Kyrian Stardancer, a healer and priestess, are two heroines with rich personalities and dark parts in their lives. Azhani was a former war leader. She earned the love and trust of the people of Y’Dan, but treachery stole everything she loved. Now she is just a common criminal and clings to the hope of regaining her honor.

A chance encounter brings Kyrian into Azhani’s life, when the warrior rescues Kyrian from a kidnapper. Kyrian has the power to heal people, but is haunted by fear because of her own violent encounters. Forced to share a strong and cold winter in Azhani’s cabin, the two women start to form a friendship, which allows both to start healing their own personal wounds.

But soon they found themselves pulled into an ancient prophecy, a prophecy that says a great evil will rise to challenge the gods. Kyrian and Azhani rally the forces of the surrounding kingdoms. It was a breathless journey for me to read whether they would win the battles and the political intrigues, whether the good guys would win or lose.

I found it easy to step into this formidable fictional world and to connect with its well-developed heroines. Kyrian and Azhani were strong and honorable, but not perfect. I really appreciate that Shaylynn Rose made one of the main protagonists something other than white. This leads to subtle messages about racism, women’s rights, and religious fanaticism; they aren’t overbearing, but they caused me to think.

Because of its length, it took me several hours to read Banshees Honor. It’s no fast-paced story, though there is a lot of action. Shaylynn Rose made her fantasy world so vivid and three dimensional, that it was a page-turner, from the first page until the last. The book has it all: heroines, honor, sword fights, demons, everything you could hope to find in a good fantasy book. I liked that the love between Kyrian and Azhani is just a part of the story, not the focus of it. So, for me, the pace of the book was excellent. It builds the plot slowly until its peak.

Banshee’s Honor Tales of Y’Myran Book One isn’t a new fantasy story. It was first published in 2007 by P. D. Publishing. Ylva Publishing gave Shaylynn Rose the opportunity to publish a second revised edition. The second one got a variety of improvements, and the main characters are more polished. So, even when you read the first edition, the second is a crazy ride, for me it was a wonderful opportunity to discover this gorgeous world of my new favorite heroines.

Banshee’s Honor Tales of Y’Myran Book One by Shaylynn Rose gave me two simple messages: time can heal all wounds, if we have the strength to accept our fate, and second – and more importantly – we are not alone through our path of life.

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