The OSYX, A Post Punk Powerhouse

The OSYX, a post punk powerhouse named after Yellowstone’s famous alpha female wolf, burst onto the Washington D.C. scene with a ferocious appetite for getting things done.

Five women have come together, bringing their own unique strength, musicality, and passion into one pro-womxn collective that creates shimmering signs that feel like a prism turning on its side.

The music is singularly original, largely raucous and at times silvery – with melodic tensions and chemistries, harmonies and howls that make you want to join the pack.

That organization, This Could Go Boom! “formed organically” explains The OSYX drummer,  Robzie Trulove, “We realized that this vibe was bigger than the five of us. And we wanted to lock arms with others in our community.”

Built with a DIY and punk aesthetic, This Could Go Boom! develops practical responses to gender identity issues in the music industry personally experienced by the band members and colleagues.

“The ways in which I have seen our radical scene evolve would suggest that punk, at its core, reflects the drive to uplift others in your community with your own resources, all the while generally lifting a middle finger to the status quo,” offers bass player and violinist Maya Renfro.

That ethos carries over into the music. “Writing with such a talented group of women has been a very nurturing and encouraging experience.” Says band co-founder Ara Casey,” For me personally, the band and the label were a way to channel all of my frustration surrounding the current socio-political environment.

” Multi-instrumentalist, Erin Frisby agrees. “I’ve been in the process of coming out during the entire writing and release of this album.

Funneling positive energy into this project with this group of women has helped me to realize so much about who I am.”

However, the band looks forward to a day when the music can speak for itself beyond societal bias.

Selena Benally, who provides The OSYX with guitar power riffs and edgy solos explains,

”I’ve played in queer bands in the past, but this time around is the first time I have felt comfortable enough to sing freely and openly about who I am, and share my feelings and experiences knowing that the future of music, and future generations of musicians are all seeking acceptance together. We can only hope to help facilitate that with the label, and by playing our asses off.”

“In just over a year, The OSYX have managed to form their band, complete a seven-song self-titled album, replete with incredibly soulful and haunting post-punk, and start a nonprofit record label called This Could Go Boom! DIY has never sounded so good!” —New Noise Magazine

The OSYX Tour Dates:

11/5 The OSYX, Mother Harvey & Kink Shame Galveston, TX

11/6 Banks St Bar New Orleans, LA

11/8 Jaguardini // Bad Ties // OSYX Asheville, NC

11/10 Lobby Boy (EP Release) // Wineteeth // The OSYX Harrisonburg, VA

11/11 The OSYX at Galaxy Hut w/ Lightmare, Arlington, VA

11/17 Scorpio Rising IV Boston, MA

11/23 Bazaar Presents: Heevahava and the OSYX at The Spot! Roanoake, VA