Meet ‘Dr. Shred’

Tune into multitalented Oklahoma-born rocker, Erin Detherage.

Everyone loves a girl with a guitar! Erin Detherage, also known as “Dr. Shred,” is an Oklahoma-born rocker chick should be on your music radar. When performing live onstage she’s a force to be reckoned, burning up the crowd with her skillful guitar riffs.

Signed Gamma Records, Erin’s guitar spans a range of musical genres: alternative, metal, rock, blues and modern country; there’s even a rumor of an instrumental jazz album in the future.

She’s currently working on her first solo album, Pandora’s Box, and her first single, “Isolation,” reveals unshakeable roots in blues and soul. Add to that her passion for exhilarating chord progressions often found in current rock and you have the makings of a hit.

“It doesn’t take well-crafted lyrics to ‘speak’ in a song,” says Erin. “It takes heart… and passion… and soul… all the things I love about blues. Mix that with my love of rock and heavy metal and you’ve got a great song to be able to kick back and listen to.”

Erin has been fortunate in her musical endeavors and has worked with many talented and gifted musicians from putting out original albums, to performing in full costume with a 1980s cover band; of course she rocked the leopard print spandex!

“We are as good as those we surround ourselves with and I have been lucky enough to work and collaborate with many great artists that have all prepared me, in a way, for this solo album. I have had a blast making this album and look to the horizon for great things to come!”