Calvin Harris Inspires Song On LGBT Rock Album

Jason Rylan

Jason Rylan emulates the Scottish DJ’s signature style on this new track.

US LGBT rocker Jason Rylan is set to release his third album ‘The Charm’ this November. Showcasing a personal journey, the eclectic 15 track album was inspired by some of Rylan’s favorite artists including The Beatles, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and Alanis Morrisette, among others. Rylan, has however also revealed that one track in particular has been heavily musically influenced by well-known Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Never knowing where inspiration would come from next, the upcoming rocker was so motivated by what he heard in Calvin’s mixes he decided to emulate the style out of sheer respect for the esteemed Scot.

‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ features Harris’ inspired EDM beats, cleverly woven into a graceful piano melody as a salute to the DJ’s signature style and the musical creativity he is known for.

Rylan commented, “Producing and publishing a song called ‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ is one hell of a conversation piece. When recording the song however, I wanted an EDM feel that was slightly edgy and a little provocative. This is where the Calvin Harris inspiration came from, his music is also catchy, edgy and unlike anything else around at the time we went into the studio. I wanted to draw from this and put my own twist on a song that is unlike anything I have put out before.”

Inspired by a choice phrase heard when Rylan was out and about, ‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ was created for those, who in the face adversity will still stand up for what they believe in.

Aiming to turn negative experiences with music directors and club owners into a positive, Rylan was determined to produce a track with a powerful message that will encourage his listeners to follow their dreams despite what others think.

‘Shit’s Gonna Get Real’ is not, however, the only song off “The Charm” that makes a statement.  ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time (For That)’ is one of Rylan’s most personal musical endeavors inspired by some dark times in his life. By exposing his feelings and experiences in both these tracks, Rylan hopes that his music will encourage others facing similar issues to find their inner strength and courage. As Rylan explains, “Music is meant to be healing. I want people who are suffering at the hands of others due to differences in color, religion or sexual orientation, to know that there are people out there who care. I hope that they find in music the inspiration that I too have found in others and that this will empower them into a life changing moment where they stand up and say something”.

Jason added, “Drawing on Harris’ music was a new experience to me and really challenged my comfort zone. I hope that listeners will feel how I do when I listen to his music and remember that no matter what anyone thinks, shit is always going to get real but they are not alone and together we can get through it.”

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