Queer Eye For The Straight Girl 💘

What happens when you replace the guys in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, with a bunch of girls?


In celebration of pride month and another season of Queer Eye (🙌🏼​), â€‹â€‹queer, female-identifying sketch group Ladies Eat Free have re-imagined the show as Queer Eye For The Straight Girl —​ and it's frigging brilliant.



Based out of Austin, Texas, Ladies Eat Free are a sketch comedy group of super neat ladies​ who â€‹write, film, and produce, "certified lit YouTube videos".


Think Brunch Safaris with mimosas that don't stop, The Original (spoof) of The Bachelor(esbian), and interviews galore.


…I know, right? We've already binge-watched the lot ðŸ’˜â€‹


Now, Netflix – make Queer Eye For The Straight Girl a reality, please? Thanks.



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