Pipe Up! for LGBTQ+ visibility in arts and culture

Manchester-based singing group, Laura And The Lesbians, chat to DIVA about their upcoming charity gig °Å¸Å½Â¤


Manchester-based singing group, Laura And The Lesbians, are all about music, community, and queer visibility.


Performing at charity gig Pipe Up! on 3 November 2018, here they tell us a little more about their mission to fill the world with lez/bi pop stars… Fancy it? ðŸŽ¤



DIVA: First off, who are Laura And The Lesbians?

Laura And The Lesbians: We’re an awesome small singing group called Laura and The Lesbians; we’re passionate about having fun, making music, and being visible queer women. Check out our Facebook page for more! 


How many are you?

We're a four-woman mission to fill the world with more lesbian pop stars! (Also, we probably have the best name for a small singing group, ever.)


Tell us about the event you're hosting in November.

Sure! We're hosting and performing at an upcoming charity event called Pipe Up! on 3 November in Manchester! Alongside the wonderful LGBT+ choir network Proud Voices.


What do you most love about being part of a small, lez/bi singing group?

We all really enjoy being part of our lovely little singing group and have had such an amazing reaction from the audiences we've performed for so far. So many people say, "Yes, we see you, and yes we want to support you — be visible!" It really has been wonderful to be part of events celebrating diversity and visibility, and with Pipe Up!, we wanted to bring an event to Manchester! 


Why should we buy a ticket? 

Oh, there are so many reasons!

1. You get to support fabulous charities The Albert Kennedy Trust and The Proud Trust

2. You get to listen to other wonderful LGBT+ small singing groups and celebrate their visibility, including Barberfellas, Cardiff Trans Singers, Deep C Divas, Gin & Harmonics, Homonics, and Lovenotes.

3. You get to experience the beautiful venue, NIAMOS Radical Art & Music Cultural Centre, and the fantastic work that local projects are doing to bring this great old music venue back to life. 


I mean, what more can we say? Roll up, roll up! Get your tickets here! ðŸŽ¤



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