Phyll Opoku-Gyimah statue commissioned for Put Her Forward project

Did you know that of the 925 statues in the UK, only 158 are women?


One hundred and fifty eight. Appalling, right? Let’s increase the shock factor even more: according to Heritage Open Days, if "mythical, royal and anonymous" figures are removed from the list, the number lies at a mere 25. 


Don’t despair, though. Things are definitely moving in a positive direction, albeit at a slow pace.


Not to go off on one, but women have been oppressed by the patriarchy for centuries, so it’s about time we sped things up a little bit. It’s just been announced that Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, more popularly known as Lady Phyll, Founder and Director of UK Black Pride and DIVA columnist, will have a statue created as part of the Put Her Forward project. Thank goodness for that. 



Lady Phyll has been a DIVA favourite for a while, so we’re elated that she, as a black lesbian, has been chosen to be part of the project. 


Put Her Forward is commissioned by Heritage Open Days, and described by National Manager Annie Reilly as, "a bold and moving testimony to the range of remarkable women making their communities – and our country – better, fairer and more beautiful".


Lady Phyll’s statue is one of twenty-five to be commissioned: HOD aims to "reflect the power of new stories being told in new ways" in this project. 


We can’t wait to see Lady Phyll in all her glory. I think we can all agree that she’ll be fabulous in statue-form (though nothing will beat the real deal, of course). 



All twenty-five statues (also including Christine Burns MBE, author of Trans Britain) will be unveiled as part of Heritage Open Day weekends on 6-9 and 13-16 September.


For more information, visit Congratulations, Lady Phyll. History has been made.



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