Boy & Girl: Gender Bending Theatre

5 Fem-Fierce Women Re-Writing Gender On Stage
5 Fem-Fierce Women Re-Writing Gender On Stage

Oscar Theatre Company transforms the bunkerish Visy theatre at the Brisbane Powerhouse into a sassy, sexy cabaret club for a titillating gender-bending?performance, Boy & Girl.

The cast of twenty-five talented performers spend almost two hours paying homage, in their own warped way, to some of the greats of musical theatre, a number of pop favourites, a touch of rap, and even some clever Disney numbers.



Meet these up and coming thespians turning theatre on it’s head:

Monique Dawes:

Growing up on the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast, Monique threw her energy and passion into basketball playing competitively for five years.

Since hanging up her basketball shoes, Monique has run full force into her career in the entertainment industry working alongside Kylie Minogue, Dami Im, Darren Hayes and will be appearing on the TV screen in your very own living room shortly.

Monique also proudly boasts the inability to get a hangover. I remain unconvinced of this superpower

On what she’d tell her 6-year-old self: I would definitely tell myself to not listen when people put you and your talents down and to believe in yourself because whatever you put your mind to you can do! 

On who she’s taking inspiration from: I’m trying to inspire myself and not compare what I do and just be better than I was yesterday

Ruby Clarke:

An on-stage quadruple threat that acts, sings, dances and dabbles in musical instruments, Ruby graduated from Queensland Conservatorium of Music and chose to fill her “spare time” touring nationally and internationally with starring roles in HairInto The Woods and Alice In Wonderland. Somewhere along the way, Ruby decided it was a vital life skill to learn how to crack a whip…because this comes in handy in everyday life.

One what she wants audiences to take away from BOY & GIRL: That gender doesn’t have to define any part of your life. Let’s explore our gender free world and see what you may want to explore in your own life. 

On the amazing female she’s taking inspiration from: my housemate Sue Rider is an accomplished writer, director and actress. She has worked in the industry for years and has a passion you rarely see. To work with her is a dream her passion is infectious.

Kristyn Bilson: 

Like Ruby, Kristyn has come out of Queensland Conservatorium and includes dancing for Lea Salonga, Jessica Mauboy, Kanye West, Kelly Rowland and Brian McFadden as some of her on-stage credits although insists that her Pop-eye impression is her proudest achievement. Kristyn also worked as a choreographer on hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance….gotta love some name dropping.

On what she would tell her 6-year-old self: You’re already making a difference in the world and widening peoples perspectives, just keep being YOU!

One what she wants audiences to take away from BOY & GIRL: Love has no labels and also, some kick ASS talent!

Mackenzie Paterson:         

A professional dancer her whole life, Mackenzie has travelled the globe with her moves and also credits them with how she met some of the most interesting people around including her long-term love and director of BOY&GIRL, Emily Gilhome. Taking ‘tight-knit-family’ to a whole new level, Mack actually shares a birthday with her non-twin brother.

On her favourite fem-fierce role model: My mum, she is kind, hilarious and my best friend. She is never afraid to say what she wants and go out and get it.

On her standout experience with gender adversity: I was once in an uncomfortable work environment and raised it with my boss who then told me that I was boosting moral (for the male workers) and that I just had to deal with it.

Monique Bowdler:             

Monique never got the chance to run away with the circus because her family owned the circus. Lucky enough to travel the world and live an extraordinary life of magic and laughter, Monique quickly learnt vital life skills like hula-hooping, face painting, fire-twirling and how to pull off a lycra onesie (that one should go straight to the top of the resume).

On the amazing female she’s taking inspiration from: Tina Fey.  She was the first female head writer for Saturday Night Live (where comedy had always been male dominant and an all-boys club).  She is also publicly forthright and unapologetic in tearing down any remnants of sexism.

On what she wants audiences to take away from BOY & GIRL: To laugh, love, show passion and freedom to express yourself.  “Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself, and you’re set. I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way”