Our Argentinean Wedding (Wed)

Getting Married & Getting Away: Newlyweds Sara Everest & Kate McConnell on their Argentine Destination Wedding with Fabulous Weddings!


Tuesday night we had a fantastically queer night of dancing. Fabulous Weddings hooked us up with a tango lesson and milonga experience at Tango Queer. Dancing with other same sex and queer couples, we learned the basics of the tango and got pretty playful learning how to move with one another. When the milonga got underway we were captivated by the advanced couples moving across the floor, mesmerized by their improvisation and creativity. We drank good wine in good company, drawing parallels between life and dance, vowing to continue our tango efforts back in the states. Our cab ride home was a particularly joyful one – so much so that the cab driver offered us cigarettes, insisting we smoke with him, I think, in celebration of our wedding week and a fine night out.


Yesterday morning we awoke to booming thunder and flashes of lightning. The weather in Buenos Aires is proving to be as unpredictable as the milonga dancers. So unpredictable in fact that it’s comical to review the weather forecasts we receive delivered to our pillows each afternoon. Our planned Argentina Polo Day was cancelled. Sara’s sister was scheduled to fly in but her plane was rerouted. After an action packed two and a half days, Sara and I welcomed the opportunity to slow down. We enjoyed a relaxed breakfast, got snuggly watching Spanish television and enjoyed some appreciated the extended alone time. 


Around noontime we walked to lunch to take another crack at ordering pizza. This time our waiter attempted communicating with us in English and when asked if we wanted “brick or green” pizza, I was most impressed when Sara responded “green” without hesitation. The pizza came out thinner than a tortilla – just how we like it – and we celebrated its cheesy deliciousness.


Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped as suddenly as it seems to start around here, giving Sara’s sister’s plane a chance to land. We wined and dined Donna and were feeling good and rested for a fun gay night out on the town. The evening got started at a new gay bar, Peuteo, where we met up with and really hit it off with the two gentleman who would be our witnesses, Benjamin and Andherson. We quickly learned that this was the only gay bar in BA, not because there isn’t a huge gay scene but because the city is so accepting of LGBT people in general that it’s unnecessary to market so exclusively. After a couple caipirinhas, we had quite the entourage as we followed Leti to Fiesta Jolie, a monthly event catering to the lesbian crowd. It was an eye opening night and a great chance to really feel the accepting and celebratory vibe of the Argentine people. 


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