Acclaimed Out Singer-Songwriter Rachel Garlin In New York

rachel garlin_credit_dana underwood

Bay Area singer-songwriter  Rachel Garlin will perform at The Bitter End 

Former West Village resident Rachel Garlin will return on June 1 for a concert at The Bitter End in New York’s Greenwich Village. Garlin is touring for her most recent release Wink at July. 

Described by Music News as a collection of “songs that comfort and sometimes dazzle the listener with words and her easy-to-take-in, Shawn Colvin-inspired, mostly acoustic musical vibe.”  Music Connection praised her live performance by asserting that “Garlin is more than just a singer, she’s a storyteller with an infectious radiance about her that can enthrall an audience.”

Garlin has been recognized by the New York Songwriter’s Circle (top-ten finalist in the song contest), Performing Songwriter Magazine (for a top-ten DIY album of the year), and the Newport Folk Festival, where she won first place in the songwriter’s Talent Search.

The song “Hey Keith Haring” (the single from Wink at July that gained international airplay) as a shout-out to the gay New York graffiti artist whose work and life were an inspiration to Garlin.

In addition to living and working in Manhattan for years, Garlin and her wife got hitched there way back in 2008 before it was legally recognized. The couple moved back to the Bay Area to start a family (they now have two boys under five).

Garlin is now back on the road, performing solo and also with collaborators such as Natalia Zukerman who will be accompanying her at the Bitter End on June 1.