Mental Health For Pride


Talkspace moves therapy online this Pride.

What comes to mind when you think of Pride? Maybe it’s the rainbow gear you paid extra money for to ship on time for the march, maybe it’s remembering the Stonewall Riots, or maybe it’s making your social plans this month.

What about reflecting on your own mental health?

Identifying on any part of the LGBTQ Spectrum is a struggle and comes with a lot of feelings that may be internalized and stored away. This makes seeking out professional help even harder because one never knows how a therapists will feel about queer women, feminists, people of color, and the list goes on.

Not to mention that sometimes queer identities can make paying for these services impossible. Luckily, Talkspace is an online therapy that recognizes these factors and is helping to cater specifically to the LGBTQ Community.

Regarding their services, Amy Scarano, Psychotherapist at Talkspace says: “Talkspace has made therapy accessible to LGBT communities who have previously been excluded by making it safe, affordable and accessible. Identifying as a queer woman can, at times, come with shame and stigma depending on the individual, the background and life circumstances.

“One’s willingness and ability to seek mental health treatment is further stifled by this fact. For example,  a queer women in a conservative environment may not feel emotionally or physically safe seeking in-person treatment. Talkspace, with our voice/text/video platform options, give that client that freedom to choose the therapy modality that best fits their needs.”

As we move further into our digital age, and as topics get heavier to talk about face-to-face, online therapy may be the best option. So, if you have things on your mind and need a professional to talk to, be sure to check out Talkspace. You can find out more here.