US election

Stronger Together

For those of us who were anticipating a momentous moment in history for women – electing our first female president – the results of this week’s election have been beyond disappointing…

September 2020
queer asian youth

Home For The Holidays?

A study finds lesbian, gay and bisexual youth’s perceptions of family support remained the same or, in fact, worsened from 1998 to 2013…

December 2019

Headcase By Stephanie Schroeder

Headcase is a groundbreaking collection of personal reflections and artistic representations illustrating the intersection of mental wellness, mental illness, and LGBTQ identity, as well as the lasting impact of historical views equating queer and trans identity with mental illness…

October 2019
Bi Plus Australia

Spotlight On Bisexual Mental Health

The largest study of bisexual Australians has led to the formation of a new organisation aimed at improving their mental health through support, education and research…

October 2018
3 Ways to Return to Hope

3 Ways To Return To Hope

When times are hard, whether due to national events or dating and relationship pains, we can turn away from hopelessness towards hope in 3 small steps…

July 2018