Meet the Cryos sperm donors!

Who are these men and why do they choose to become a sperm donor?


Cryos is the world’s largest sperm bank with more than 1000 sperm donors of all ethnicities online, but who are these men – and why do they choose to become a sperm donor?​



The average age of the non-anonymous Cryos donor is 27 years old. Cryos’ guideline states that a non-anonymous donor should be mature enough to ensure a good understanding of the possible consequences of his choice. The donors undergo a maturity examination prior to approval. 


Cryos donor fast facts!

🌀​ 18 to 45 years old

🌀​ Physically healthy and mentally strong

🌀​ More than 50% are in a relationship

🌀​ Almost 50% have or are taking a Higher Education course

🌀​ 50% have full-time jobs or are self-employed

🌀​ 50% are also blood donors​



The Cryos donors undergo rigorous selection criteria and thorough medical examinations prior to acceptance and clearance to become a donor and are screened for a number of infectious and hereditary diseases.


Furthermore, donors undergo a number of physical and psychological tests and despite being healthy young men, often students of higher education, only a small percentage are accepted as Cryos donors.


So? It's not easy to become a sperm donor! The sperm donors at Cryos needs to be physically and mentally strong young men.​



Apart from being healthy young men, the sperm also need to be of high quality. Only 5-10 out of 100 donors’ applicants are accepted into the programme and finally released, hence only donors with the highest possible sperm quality are accepted.​


There seems to be a lot of demands prior to becoming a sperm donor, so what motivates these young men to undergo medical examinations and psychological tests?​ â€‹Of course, they receive compensation for their donation, but the donors are generally altruistically motivated and want to make a difference in other people’s lives.​


Top three reasons for become a sperm donor!*

🌀 To help others

🌀 To get compensated for my time and effort

🌀 To get continuous testing of sperm and health

*Source: Cryos Donor Satisfaction survey 2017​


Henrik is 25 years old and a sperm donor at Cryos. He wants to help others:

“My motivation for being a sperm donor is that I know that there are so many people in the world struggling to have children. I feel privileged that I am healthy enough to help them. It means a big deal to me, and I know it is very important for those I help.”


Jacob is 26 years old and is a medical student. This is his motivation for becoming a sperm donor at Cryos:

“I chose to become a sperm donor because I like the idea that I can help some people to achieve their dream. And I believe it’s a brilliant and beautiful thought, to think that I can provide the basis for a new life. Naturall, there’s a financial aspect to it and, as a student, it’s nice to get a little extra with my student grant allowance.”


Thomas is 42 years old, work as a teacher and is a sperm donor at Cryos:

“I am a sperm donor because I have children and have experienced the great joy you get from having children in your life. I thought that it was a small thing for me to do, if I could help people who couldn’t have children to have the same experiences. That is my motivation.”


See the interviews with Henrik, Jacob and Thomas at Cryos’ Fertility blog where you can learn much more about the Cryos sperm donors.



As the first sperm bank in Europe, Cryos now offers to access adult photos of the sperm donors. So, if you want to get a better idea of who the sperm donor is and moreover of the features of your future child, adult photos are now a possibility.


Get access to the new feature on Cryos webpage now. Please note that the person in the lead photo is a model and not a Cryos donor.