Maggie Lindemann: “A lot of people have a hard time believing I’m bisexual”

How to succeed at life, with a little help from Maggie Lindemann


Texas-born singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann was discovered on Instagram when she was just 16, relocating to Los Angeles soon after and signing with 300 Entertainment. Three years later, her unique brand of dark sultry pop has clocked up more than 400 million global streams, she's collaborated with The Vamps and even launched her own cosmetics range. This smart young woman is clearly acing life. Here's how you can too.



"The reaction when I came out as bisexual was pretty positive. I got some negativity though. I feel like a lot of people have a hard time believing you or believing it. That was really frustrating for me. But other than that, it was super positive. All my friends knew. But my parents did not know, and I actually told them right before I told the world. I texted them 10 minutes before."




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